A Piano Teacher Surviving – This Is Truth, Not a Conspiracy Theory

Chapter 1; Allotment 1

I am an innocent victim who has been infested with Morgellons by some absolute atrocious and bananas individuals. Morgellons, it appears, are alien to the accustomed population. As an abandoned aborigine of the United States of America, while adeptness this acute trauma, I haven’t had befalling to do detective plan to define whether there exists classified information. My approach is that the morgellon activity is a top abstruse and actionable operation which abounding accept invested in heavily. In fact, the perpetrators afresh said “we are invested heavily in dorthy a1. By dorthy a1, they beggarly the morgellons and their functioning. The morgellon activity is alike with the Dorthy AI project. I am an innocent victim of this project. My theories accept acquired abandoned from my adventures as an innocent victim. I accept had no adeptness of the morgellon arrangement in any added way.

This activity is real. It is not in any way scientifically unfeasible. There are abounding agency to actualize a array of abundance advice akin to the added archaic and acceptable walkie cinema system. If scientists had, for example, created a arrangement of advice application micro sized particles, based aloft audio frequencies, and afresh set up speakers for humans to apprehend this, the affirmation would be calmly accepted. The walkie cinema is absolute archaic compared to the morgellon audio receivers because the latte attenuate composed of abundant abate particles and this is the present day capability. In fact, scientists accept been belief nanotechnology for abounding years. Some of the morgellons may even be nano-sized. A walkie talkie, obviously, could be hand-held but not built-in aural anyone’s body. The morgellons, on the added hand, are so baby that they accept adeptness to be built-in aural a person’s body, so that the “walkie talkie” arrangement in actuality becomes a array of interface with the built-in person’s neural network. In this way, the getting doesn’t authority the walkie cinema to their ear, but rather, the bodies speaking from a ambit can allege into the built-in person’s morgellon (walkie talkie) receivers, and they can afresh transmit, by abutting to the person’s neural networks accompanying to audio, and the built-in getting afresh hears people, from afar, just as if the built-in getting was application a walkie cinema system. The actuality that abounding morgellons are acclimated as receivers allows abounding added than one getting to communicate, like a Skype appointment call, from a distance, to the built-in individual. In fact, the baby admeasurement of the morgellon allows article of abounding receivers, and accordingly as abounding as bags could accompanying be on the added end, from a abundant distance, accessible to acquaint into the built-in person’s morgellon receivers.

The built-in person, if application a walkie cinema system, could artlessly about-face off the walkie talkie, and not accept any transmissions, about if built-in with a morgellon receiver audio system, the built-in getting does not accept any shut off mechanism, and can not about-face off the transmission.

The accustomed public, including scientists who haven’t heard of such a system, may be analytic whether this works in reality. There accept been accelerated projects to abstraction the animal neural network, including academician neural function. Scholarly online autograph accept been accounting apropos the adeptness to actualize a neural applique which is the morgellon receivers interfacing with the animal neural arrangement so that, by frequencies, the receivers accomplish a affiliation to the animal neurons of the brain, abnormally audio academician neurons.

Such a system, if acclimated for benevolent purposes, could advice an built-in getting to learn, for example. tutors, from a abundant distance, could allege into the morgellon receivers, via continued ambit airwave frequencies, and advise anyone a adopted language, or alternatively, advise anyone with a adorning affliction how to access their amusing skills. Nuclear energy, if aboriginal apparent and developed, was apparently envisioned as a benevolent source; however, this aforementioned activity was afresh acclimated to advance the atom bomb, which brought on the adverse absoluteness of Hiroshima. The morgellon receiver system, in the calmly of benevolent non-psychopathic developers, may accept been an accomplished discovery, provided that the abstracts absolute the morgellons did no abuse to the animal body.

Hypothetically accept this arrangement was created by psychopaths. Suspend your atheism for a moment entirely, and brainstorm the abominable bad-natured capabilities of the morgellon receiver system. In the calmly of psychopaths, with bad-natured intent, the morgellon receiver arrangement becomes an aggression of the animal neural arrangement and accordingly the human’s mind.; The persons’ from a abundant ambit wish to acquaint into the built-in person’s mind, via the neural lace, but the getting accepting has been built-in adjoin their will and after their adeptness and consent, and wants to about-face off the advice but can not. The psychopath developers and those in alliance with them, accept no cipher of ethics, no rules, and no band fatigued in the sand. The psychopaths, from afar, sending audio to the built-in person, could afresh use this arrangement to verbally ache the built-in person, even additional by second. The innocent victim, on the accepting end, is catastrophically befuddled into an bound captive of war experience, with disturbing statements hurled at them in an advancing fashion. Meanwhile the getting has to action in life, and attack to awning the businesslike aliment such as alive and befitting apartment over their head.

The apple has the Geneva Convention to awning accommodating analysis of prisoners during war time. The innocent victim of the bananas morgellon receiver arrangement has no such protection. ‘The bananas perpetrators can ache extensively, in a brutal, atrocious and animal address after attention for any boundaries or aegis of the innocent victim. The breadth of the ache could extend for a far greater time than the victim has assets for angry this indescribably alarming horror. I accept been angry this ache for over a year and ten months, and it has been additional by additional and ceaseless.

In a apple area the psychopaths accept no rules or boundaries, while yet accepting a abundant accordance of banking resources, abounding of them can authority top adeptness positions, and while actualization as citizens in acceptable standing, they can perpetrate this atrociousness in a awful backstairs manner. It avalanche unfairly aloft the victim to try and betrayal this actionable abomination adjoin altruism aural a civic atmosphere of disbelief. In addition, the innocent victim is abandoned in angry for their acumen and their life. In a apple area this adequacy for crime is denied, it takes an accessible apperception and abeyance of atheism to accede this autograph fairly.

The morgellon receiver system, it turns out, can action as added than an audio system. This has to do with the adjustment of the morgellons aural assorted beef tissues, and organs of the body, and in places correlating with the animal afraid system. The actuality that the morgellons animate the afraid arrangement in agency above audio transmit, agency that they can affect the animal analysis and analysis in assorted ways. For example, if perpetrators, from a abundant distance, forward their abundance to the morgellons of the innocent victim, sometimes instead of an audio communication, the morgellons can neural applique with gross beef and innervate, creating not just beef contraction, but rather acutely accelerated beef airtight that goes abundant above the accepted ache and causes acute affliction to the victim. Specifically, the gastrocnemious (calf muscles) can arrangement so acutely that this lasts for a acceptable 10 account of disturbing pain. This can advance to a charge for beef healing that takes as abundant as a month. Addition activity and afterlife archetype is if morgellons interface with a allotment of the neural arrangement which innervates the close musculature. because this can actualize abundant beef abbreviating for the esophagus to bind and apathetic swallowing. The victim, in essence, can be ‘choked’ anniversary time the anatomy contract, and bistro and burning becomes an acutely chancy and activity aggressive situation. Afresh it avalanche unfairly aloft the innocent victim to atone and acquisition agency to eat as cautiously as can be had beneath beyond duress, or to die adjoin their will.

Thus far, the advice provided accept to assume rather aberrant and absurd to the readers. If an advancing activity is top secret, association at ample hasn’t had any acknowledgment to it, and accordingly it seems abominable and abundant like a Twighlight Zone episode. However, with an accessible apperception and a non-judgmental attitude, the acutely absurd becomes a accurate non-fiction. The afterward will be a antecedent apropos the composition of the morgellon receivers, and it will, at first, complete absolute unlikely, but as you anticipate about it from a biological viewpoint, it is added than achievable as a reality.

The apple has become absolute awful acquainted of GMO foods. No one questions the absoluteness of the GMO. But truthfully, the action of developing a GMO could complete like science fiction or not. Blah is a above GMO aliment in the United States. A simplified description of how blah became a GMO is that assertive chromosomes were manipulated; chromosomes from a altered animal were put into the basis of the blah to accomplish it added annoyance resistant, and a virus or bane was acclimated to admit the chromosomes. The virus is what crosses the claret film of the basis to acquiesce access of the chromosomes.

It is my antecedent that the morgellon is agnate to a GMO. I am speculating; as the victim of morgellons, I do not accept the absolute accurate paperwork to read, so my antecedent is my best admiration as to the accomplish up of morgellons. You may feel the “Twighlight Zone” aftereffect if the abstraction of insects comes into play. However, insects accept a abundant adeptness to aces up audio frequencies. Conceivably the scientists of the morgellon/DorthyAI activity experimented with transmitting altered frequencies to assorted insects to ascertain their accepting capabilities. Accept the scientists apparent that assertive insects accustomed complete beachcomber frequencies bigger than others, and afresh admitting they capital to access this adequacy even further. They may accept afresh taken chromosomes from an animal with aberrant audio accepting adeptness and afresh transferred these into the insects, GMO style. Now accept that the scientists envisioned a morgellon accepting arrangement that didn’t charge to be duke held, as a walkie talkie; conceivably they capital to acquisition a agency of implanting the insect morgellon receivers into the animal physique to actualize a neural applique with accomplished accepting and transmitting capabilities. Since these aggrandized “GMO like” accomplished audition insects accustomed audio from the scientists, it can become awful believable that the insects could aswell address this audio to the neurons of the human, in the aforementioned way that animal neurons in the ear can aces up complete beachcomber frequencies, therefore, the animal neurons can aswell aces up the complete beachcomber frequencies from the aggrandized morgellon insects. Now exists an absolutely believable morgellon receiver arrangement in which complete beachcomber frequencies biking from the scientists, from a abundant distance, to the aggrandized morgellon insect receivers, and afresh to the built-in animal via manual from the aggrandized morgellon insect receivers to the animal aural neurons. Is that it? End of story? Conceivably not. It is achievable that the insects with greatest aggrandized complete beachcomber accepting adeptness were not those which about could reside aural a human, as anybody is acquainted that abject bugs do. The abject bug feeds off the oxygyn and nutrients from animal blood. The aggrandized morgellon receiver may accept had a “GMO style” admittance of chromosomes from addition blazon of abject insect or animal to accordance the morgellons the adequacy of active aural the animal tissues; Conceivably chromosomal ancestry for assurance were aswell amid into the basis of the morgellon receiver insects. Now this is an absolutely new and abnormal abstraction for the accustomed accessible to yield in, and at the aforementioned time, with an accessible and neutrality, this becomes absolute believable.

Scientists, all about the world, amount the cipher of belief pertaining to analysis and experimentation. In the calmly of such careful and amenable individuals, the aggrandized morgellon receiver insects activity would accept been activated absolute assiduously to assure that no aborigine fell victim to an bent and awful damaging analysis project. In fact, accepting advised Psychology research, at the alum level, I am awful accustomed with an absolute argument book of analysis ethics. The world, in fact, is busy with at atomic 90% of humans who are non-psychopathic and accept in the abstraction of “first do no harm”.

Tragically, however, about 10% of the citizenry avalanche into the bananas class and they authority no belief or rules apropos their conduct, and their “viewpoint” bombards the boundaries and rights of added citizens, and while the psychopath knows this, from a analytic point of view, they don’t affliction and they will not be chock-full of their own accord. Yet their adeptness to arise as citizens in acceptable continuing allows them to appoint in top abstruse analysis which impacts individuals, such as myself, who do not accept the banking agency nor cachet to action aback easily.

The top abstruse aggrandized morgellon insect receiver project, aka, Dorthy AI, tragically, has been, and is getting perpetrated by the able psychopaths of top banking and cachet position. The morgellon receivers, as you may recall, are capable, not alone of audio transmission, but aswell of creating a neural synapse blazon complect with the animal able-bodied neural network, both gross and accomplished motor. Brainstorm these morgellon aggrandized insects were aswell accustomed ancestry for accepting the aforementioned exact able-bodied activity adequacy as the animal neurons. Could the morgellon receiver innervators afresh interface with able-bodied neurons and actualize as abundant able-bodied movement as if the animal analysis were creating this occurrence? Yes they could and they do if they are in acutely abundant numbers. What if the interface of morgellons to animal neural networks created a bearings area the morgellons acquired the neurons to fire, causing able-bodied activity if the animal did not actualize this occurrence. The morgellon receiver innervators would, adjoin the bodies will, could cause not alone beef cramping, but aswell the adeptness to use anatomy for movement. This sounds like science fiction.

This is afresh the “Twighlight Zone” effect. Why? Well absolutely because at aboriginal reading, this “sounds like “Invasion of the Physique Sna’tchers” because anybody knows that this never absolutely happens in absolute life.

BUT on the added hand, if looked at from a absolutely non-emotional, non-judgmental, and cold lense, via the bioengineering, epidymiology, physics, and added accurate fields of study, the accuracy that this “science-fiction has adapted into absoluteness can not be denied. As declared earlier, I am an innocent victim of the 10% of psychopaths who accept built-in this aggrandized morgellon receiver/innervator arrangement aural my body, adjoin my will, and for absolutely a time, after my knowledge. I became absolutely acquainted of this as I suffered acute abuse starting a year and 10 months ago. However, itt was about 7 years ago that I acclaimed some morgellons which had appear out assimilate my derma if I was massaging my dogie muscles.

I am awful traumatized and yet I advance to survive and function; my adeptness to get out the aperture and job seek and restart my activity in Memphis, TN, does alter depending aloft the concrete tortures and my amount of actual fatigue. I accept become absolute agitated and affecting as a aftereffect of accent body up from the perpetrators’ around-the-clock exact torture, and at the aforementioned time, I’ve begin that blockage absolute calm, and even sometimes in a attentive state, does acquiesce me to cope with this atrociousness that is advancing adjoin me.

– fashion style description